Hosting Packages

Take a look at our three hosting packages below. You can always upgrade your package at any time.

£12 per month
or £132 per year

Free single page web build with four sections including:

Home/Intro, About, Services, Contact

Text based logo

Pop up contact form and telephone link

Site linked to your custom URL

Website title, description and keywords added for SEO

Website and sitemap submitted to Google Webmaster Tools

SSL Certificate (HTTPS:)

Hosted on AWS Servers

Standard Privacy Policy*

One text or image update per calendar month**

£18 per month
or £198 per year

Includes everything from the Starter Package plus...

Your own logo and brand colours

Location map

Additional "Social" section to include Twitter and Facebook feeds

Social icon links in footer

Two text or image updates per calendar month**

£26 per month
or £286 per year

Includes everything from the Starter and Standard Packages plus...

Additional information section, for example FAQs, Testimonials or YouTube videos

Image gallery or slideshow

External links

(Could be used as a link to an online booking facility)


PDF downloads

(Perfect for restaurants to show off menus or hairdressers to display price lists)

Three text or image updates per calendar month**

* We have created a standard Privacy Policy which will be automatically added to the footer of your website. We will request that you view this and email us any changes that are relevant to your business and current GDPR regulations. 

** On the Starter package we will make one text or image update to your website per calendar month, on the Standard Package up to two changes and on the Plus Package up to three text or image updates are included. Any additional changes are charged at £20 per update.

Let's get started

Here's how to order your new website


Take a look at our available themes and hosting packages to decide which would suit you best.


Contact us via the link below and we will help to set up your website address and monthly subscription plan. 


Send us your text and images and we'll build your new website. Once you're happy we'll make your website live.